Upstream Innovation in Sustainable Packaging Design

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Upstream Innovation in Sustainable Packaging Design
Eric Holdener -- September 12, 2023

Wondering what Upstream Innovation is in sustainable packaging design?

When approaching upstream innovation for packaged goods, there's 3 strategies you can apply before even thinking of designing any product that will require packaging:

  1. ❌ Elimination
  2. 🔙 Reuse
  3. ♻ Material Circulation

They offer a good framework for enhancing sustainability during your product design phase.

Firstly, ❌ Elimination advocates for the reduction of unnecessary packaging components, streamlining design to minimize waste. This can be achieved by avoiding excessive layers, sizes, or labels, resulting in more eco-friendly packaging.

Secondly, 🔙 Reuse emphasizes the creation of packaging that can be repurposed, extending its lifecycle. Designing containers for easy cleaning and refill, or establishing return systems for packaging refurbishment, can effectively embed the concept of reuse.

Lastly, ♻ Material Circulation promotes the adoption of materials that align with circular economy principles. Packaging materials should be recyclable or compostable, compatible with existing recycling systems, and selected based on their environmental impact. By strategically incorporating these strategies, businesses can drive positive change from the outset.

Not only do these approaches align with consumer expectations for greener alternatives, but they also contribute to reduced resource consumption, waste generation, and carbon emissions, positioning companies at the forefront of sustainable packaging innovation. 🌎